Thursday, March 8, 2012

Round 2 (Intro)

"This has been going great so far, huh?" Sven said to John and Joe.

"Yeah, lots of awesome fights, and seeing where everyone turns up is usually hilarious." John leaned back in his chair.

/Warehouse 2-B\

"Alright then, Kano says we just grab these boxes and take 'em to Wesker's room." Balrog opened one of the boxes with a crowbar. "Sweet, merciful Jesus." He said as he took out an M-16.

"Ja, this is some real deal, military grade shit." Rolento said as he took the rifle. "'aven't seen one ov these babies since my time in the German special units."

Rolento emptied out the magazine to reveal that they were unloaded. "There's got to be ammo here somewhere..."

"Hold it right there!" said a female voice from right outside the hole they created to get in. "Sonya Blade, special forces, I'm taking you guys in."

"Oh yeah, toots?" Balrog stood up. "You and what back up?"

"This back up, sucka." Jax appeared behind her.

"Ja, this is gonna be fun..." Rolento readied his baton.

/The Ring\

Raiden was electrocuting Cody as the next names were called.

"KANO!" (MK)

Kano walked down into the ring twirling his knives in his hands. "Aye, who do ah get to cut up first?"

"GEN!" (SF4AE)

Gen tiptoed down to the ring in a mantis position. "Hoo hoo hoo, all these youngsters are going down!"


Kabal dashed to the ring, and littered it with Gas Blasts and Buzzsaws immediately upon arrival.


"HEY LOOK!" Taokaka called from the stands. "IT'S THE BOOBY LADY!" Litchi covered her breasts and walked into the ring with her head hung low.


"Miss Alucard...I will avenge you!" Valkenhayn called out as he ran into the ring.


"Watch out, kiddies! Freddy's gonna getcha! Hahahaha!" Freddy said as he wiggled his fingers in the air.


The crowd burst into cheers as the demon himself, Akuma walked into the ring. He proved his worth by throwing a dark Shinkuu Hadouken into Freddy's spine.


As Storm flew to the ring, Solid Snake and Guile both had their face in their palms.

"Great, another person who can control wind."

"Great, another person who can fly."


Seth thought that being a freakishly powerful being would give him an advantage. He really didn't take into account that Guile, Cody, and Akuma would all be ganging up on him at once.


"What do you think Sakura's chance of survival is in this ring?" John turned to Sven.

"Well, she was really powerful in Alpha and the Vs series, but ever since 4 she's been kinda...slacking. She's not nearly as strong as she used to be, and I think she'll have some trouble against some of these other contestants."


"Meow! It's time for a cat fight!" Felicia said as she bounced into the ring.


"Hoo yeah, I'm the best boxer there is, baby!"

And finally...


"Hoo hoo hoo hoo!" Hakan said as he poured oil over himself.

"Hakan is probably the worst Street Fighter character ever." said Sven. John turned to him.

"What makes you say that?"

"Yeah, Hakan's pretty cool."

"Dude, just look at him."

John looked over to see Hakan rubbing oil all over his chest.

"I see your point..."

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